About Me

In 195 characters One of those geeks that started out at 11. It began with QBasic, after trying to solve a summation program, I was hooked, and so began my journey.

My Expertise

Things I'm proud of.

Humble Beginnings with JavaScript.

I began with JavaScript far before the fancy frameworks existed. I had a small relationship with flash and actionscript. Eventually I was lead to C.

Windows and Microsoft.

Unfortunately I started out with the limitation of Windows. I explored Win32 api's with C, toyed with MFC.

Web Development with C#, ASP.NET-MVC, ExtJS

The bulk of my work at my current job has been planning, developing and maintaing a rewrite of a massive healthcare application with several teams.

The Weird World of Perl

I slowly opened myself perl with a contributions to CPAN, the Dancer2 web framework and a teeny fix into the Perl Core ;) Behold my perl monks flair:

My tryst with the Linux Kernel:

While soul seraching on wiki.osdev.org .I started lurking at the linux mailing lists and managed to scrounge up some work. I managed to submit a few patches to the kernel. I stopped for a bit but plan to get back and try to get to more "serious" work.

My Work

For all my work, experience and projects, check out my stackoverflow resume