The Big migration to Jekyll

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So finally after all the obsession, reading and nail-biting I made the long awaited move to Jekyll; a static blog aware site generator.

This site used to run on Orchard, an impressive CMS. I used it for years right from it’s inception. After a year though on the linux world I slowly had to let go of a lot of MS’s stuff. I will still always have a great relationship with C# though :)

So, on to Jekyll. Guess there’s not too much I can add that’s already out there. I can dish tips and dispell myths though:

  • Don’t get too overwhelmed, migrating any site is difficult.
  • See the docs, especially the permalinks section so your URL’s stay the same.
  • Free and paid themes both exist : The theme usually will usually be site you see, and you’ll have to hack your way chaging it up. This isn’t so bad, especially when github hosts your site with a custom domain for free :
  • It’s all about simplicity with Jekyll, that’s what I love the most. Plugins exist, my theme supports the tag plugin I use from here

Questions about setup?

I had a few bumps and unknowns before making the move, I’d like to unvite anyone with questions to ask them in the comments and I’d be happy to answer them.

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