Uploading images with Ruby and Sinatra

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So if you may have noticed, I have a thing for micro frameworks.

I’ve recently taken the step to learning Ruby. I’ve usually found that reading long books, and guides tend to be boring and not very pratical. You can do 80% of what is done in a language by learning the important 20%. (Something on the lines of the Pareto principle)

I start always with the aim to do something in any programming language I’m learning. This way I learn the important 20%.

Most of development today is focused on web development, invariably, at some point you want to build a web-app. Micro frameworks are a great way to start.

So I played a little with Ruby and Sinatra and decided to build something of a file manager, maybe integrate it into dropbox, we’ll see.

This is the first round of that plan, a simple little web-app that uploads images into a folder and then shows you the image once you’ve uploaded it.

Make sure you have ruby and install sinatra like this:

gem install sinatra

Your files should look like this (the code is below):

[gideon@gideon-fedora image_manager]$ tree
├── img_mgr.rb
├── public
└── views
    ├── form.erb
    └── show_image.erb

A quick rundown:

  • Sinatra serves static files from a folder named public. We’ll write our image into this folder.
  • We’ll use erb, yes there are so wow so much views engines. The cool kids seem to like Haml.
  • We have two routes (1) ’/’ and (2) ‘/show_image’ corresponding to our views with will serve the upload (1) form.erb and then show the image with show_image.erb

Here comes the code :

Hopefully most of this will look self-explainatory and help you get your hands dirty. I’m going to try and make this a series where I eventually develop this into a little bit of an actual app.

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